Redbud Farm School

15700 S. Pennsylvania, Oklahoma City, OK 73170

Your Child’s Bright Future Begins At Redbud Farm School

Redbud Farm School offers a quality education in a stimulating, nurturing environment for Pre-K through 6th Grade students. Our program is a blend of traditional academics and hands-on experiences that nurture curiosity, creativity, and character. At our school, we believe in cultivating well-rounded individuals who are academically adept and equipped with essential life skills. Through engaging activities, caring for farm animals, tending to gardens, and exploring the wonders of our farm campus, we foster a love for learning that extends far beyond the classroom. Make the right choice for your child at Redbud Farm School.

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Giving Students the Best, So They Can Be Their Best

At Redbud Farm School, we are committed to giving students the best educational experience so they can be their best selves. Nestled on our picturesque 4-acre campus, students can access a wealth of activities and supplies that enrich their learning journey. From hands-on experiences with farm animals like chickens, mini pigs, goats, and chickens to tending to our butterfly gardens and vegetable patches, students immerse themselves in nature while honing valuable life skills. Our well-equipped classrooms and facilities ensure that students have the tools they need to explore, discover, and thrive in a supportive and stimulating environment. Join us at Redbud Farm School, and let’s cultivate a future of growth and success together.

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The Essentials

Our Mission

Redbud Farm School cultivates academic excellence and spiritual development while stepping outside the traditional classroom setting. Our farm provides unique opportunities for creative, hands-on learning, problem-solving, and essential life skills development, while students tend to animals and gardens in an outdoor classroom experience.

What Makes Us Special?

1. Curriculum and instruction aligned with Oklahoma Academic Standards
2. Hands-on and engaging learning environment
3. Individualized instruction and small group learning
4. Indoor & outdoor classrooms
5. Students help care for animals and gardens on campus
6. Positive student/teacher relationships
7. High levels of family and community involvement
8. Focus on social/emotional development, problem-solving, independence, and creativity

Our program focuses on high academic standards in a fun and engaging environment. We have animals and gardens on campus that students help care for. Our daily schedule alternates between learning in a “home-like” indoor classroom to well-developed outdoor classrooms. Relationships between students, teachers, parents, and the community is a major focus of our program.

Benefits of Farm School Learning

The curriculum at Redbud Farm School is like no other in the Moore and South Oklahoma City area. While working in our indoor and outdoor classrooms, students are engaged in projects and activities that meet stringent learning standards as well as:

• Improved confidence, self-esteem, concentration, communication, and problem-solving skills
• Improved motor skills, including both large and fine motor
• Appreciation for the environment and knowledge of where our food comes from
• Knowledge of community resources and the environment
• Safe risk-taking opportunities
• Increased creativity
• Improved self-regulation and independence skills
• Improved learning and cognitive function, including patience and concentration
• Comfortable home-like environment
• Enhanced teamwork and communication abilities
• Develops leadership skills


Redbud Farm School is now accepting applications for the 2024/2025 school year.  The process begins with your school tour to visit our school. During the tour of our school, we invite you to observe one of our classrooms to see how our teachers interact with our students. Following this, you will promptly hear back from Redbud Farm School and be requested to fill out and send us an Application Form.

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Parent Testimonials

“We came from public school where oftentimes my kids came home tired, exhausted mentally, and quite grumpy. It’s been like night and day since they’ve come here to do school on the farm. My kids come home full of energy as they get into the car excited to tell me about their day in all the things they’ve learned in all the fun they had with their friends. They learn worship songs,They tell me about their teachers what their likes and dislikes are and they have actual real conversations with them. Ms. Erin is the one who runs the school and I have to say that I have never met another woman whose heart and love is so pure for the Passion that she has with teaching and teaching not only numbers in reading but also the love and grace of God. Truly an amazing teacher Our family will be going to Redbud until they age out.”

Jocelyn G. (Parent)

“Truly an incredible place for children! Goodness & kindness, almost as good as home.”

Kennetha K. (Parent)

“Glad we found this school . The teachers make learning fun for the children. They love going to Redbud Farm School.”

Gramajo B. (Parent)